Day of Fun

Last Saturday, my sister needed a babysitter. I said I’d take her for the day. Usually I call my mom to come hang with us, but I really wanted a day of just the two of us hanging out.

Our first item on the agenda was for me to fix the Christmas tree, a strand of lights had burnt out. For her, it was to walk around my house and find everything that could be turned on and to turn it on.

After a while, she got dressed and we went to breakfast. Denny’s. I so rarely eat breakfast and almost never go out for breakfast, it was a real treat for me.


And, evidently, for her.

Once we finished eating, we headed out to the Conservatory to smell some flowers and take some pictures. I’d already talked to her about letting me take pictures and she agreed to stop and smile and look at the camera while smiling. I was so excited. I took tons of pictures of her and with her and we just explored.


My new phone wallpaper.


So cute!


One of my favorites. Sticking out her tongue is her newest thing when getting her picture taken….so we did one on purpose and she loved it.

Since it was also a really nice day outside we went out to see the animals. Most are indoors this time of year, but the arctic fox and the buffalo and the reindeer were outside.


I said, “Arionna, what are those?” “Reindeew” she replied. I yelled at that one in front.

“Hey, Dasher!”

No reaction.

“Hey, Dancer!”

No reaction.

I was fully prepapred to say them all, but Arionna said, “It’s Rudolph.”

“Hey, Rudolph!”

And he turned his head and looked right at us. No kidding. I got so excited and said to Arionna, “you were right, it really IS Rudolph!” And she said, “Why is he taking a nap?” And I told her it was so he could rest up because he had to fly to everyone’s house on Christmas and bring presents, even her.

It was probably my favorite part of the day.


She’s pretty into cheesy faces these days. Tell her to say cheese and you get that cheesy smile that all little kids do about this age.


And even with the cheesy smile, that’s still a darn cute photo.


As is that. My sister said she was so happy I fixed her hair. Not much cuter than curly pigtails in my book.

We also made time to check out the koi pond.

Those suckers were nuts.

This dude wanted to eat my camera string.

A very nice woman offered to take our picture together. Arionna doesn’t do strangers. Which is why I have five of these:

Ah well, it was worth trying.

After the koi, she was looking for fish in every water we passed.

We also saw a poisonous tree frog…in a  cage. Normally I wouldn’t care except:

That picture turned out kind of amazing, so I am including it.

But, at the end of the day, we used my self timer and managed to get my new favorite photo.

Love, love, love it. And Arionna liked doing pictures on the self timer, so I’ll remember that for next time.

Finally, as we were headed home, she was playing peek-a-boo behind skinny trees. She’d poke her head out and yell PEEK! and I knew I had to try to capture that on film.


Hello, happiest girl in town.

It was such a fun day and I’m so pleased to have all these amazing pictures to help us remember it. Finally, when we got back home, I popped in a movie for her and she chose to watch The Wizard of Oz, one of my all-time favorites. We watched the whole thing and she just loved it. LOVED it. She even borrowed it to watch at home because she loved it so much. Another wonderful thing I’ve shared with her.

It was a Christmas present to me, spending the day with her.


2 thoughts on “Day of Fun

  1. What beautiful pictures!!! I’m so happy that you got to have a fun day with your niece! You’re the bestest Auntie…and she’s a lot of fun, isn’t she.

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