Five x One Thousand

December 9, 2007.

My very first blog post, ever.

As you will see in the post, I started blogging because my friend Meg said I should. I figured, why not? I had no idea what to write about. I couldn’t imagine how I’d fill these posts. I started reading one or two blogs back then. One of them, that I no longer read, was celebrating her 500th post. I was in awe. I figured I’d write every couple of days and it would take me YEARS to get to 500 posts. If I even lasted that long, that is.

Somehow, it didn’t work that way. I liked doing it. I had no trouble thinking of things to write about. My life became more interesting when I wrote it down, every little interaction became fodder for the blog. Reading an interesting article? Blog it. A cute photo? Blog it. It has gotten to the point when my brain starts composing a post whenever anything happens. My family makes jokes, “is this going to be on the blog?” when something happens. Yes, is pretty much always the answer. Now, I find so many things to blog about I have to be choosy. Not everything makes it onto the blog. I have lists of things I wanted to blog about but it simply never happened.

This blog has changed me.

My writing has gotten stronger. My storytelling, deeper. I’ve gotten better technology and it’s gotten easier. I take more photos now. My memory has weakened because I don’t try so hard, because I know I can find that memory on my blog.

And, of course, life has changed me.

In December of 2007, I was one year out of library school. I was working 3 part time jobs for a total of 32 hours a week. And one of them was chauffeuring a friend home from work in the wee hours of the morning because he had a DUI. The other two were both part time library positions. One at Hamline, one with Hennepin County. I no longer have any of those jobs. Instead I have gotten a full time library position. I’ve been a part time house sitter. I’ve been a wedding planner’s assistant. I moonlighted at a restaurant. I became the director of a small public library. I got a job subbing in a public library. My professional life has grown through great change.

Personally, I was living at my parents house and I loved living there. I loved spending time with them. And my parents house is the center of our family universe, so I saw everyone, regularly. Since then, I have hunted for and lived through the god-awful experience of buying a home. Don’t get me wrong, I love my house, but the process of buying it was atrocious. Now I live by myself in a quiet little house. And what I really miss is my parents. Which sounds nuts because I see them all the time and talk to them on the phone all the time, but it is different. It just is.

In December of 2007, my nephew Simon was celebrating his first Christmas. Things were rocky, then, between us and Simon’s mom and we didn’t see him much. That Christmas I saw him for the third time since he was born (in April). Now, he is a delightful 5-year-old boy and we see him about every other week. We get him for holidays and he is a solid and much-loved part of our family.

My sister was newly married. She married Chad in September of 2007. We went to Las Vegas for their wedding. Now, five years later, they just celebrated their 5th anniversary, I have a gorgeously delightful almost-three-year-old niece and they are expecting a little boy in February.

My brother Zack was living with Kim, his longtime girlfriend (8 years together at that point), at their house in St. Paul. He was working full time at Applebee’s, where he worked forever. Now, he and Kim are long over (made it to 12 years), he lived with my parents for a year and just recently moved into his own townhouse in Stillwater. Also, he no longer works at Applebee’s and is currently looking for a job.

I had just reconnected with Justin, after we both had moved home from living away. Elena was still living in DC (I think, not still Maine, was it?) and I had yet to reconnect with Kelly, who was pregnant with her son, Christian. Mindy had not yet started her business, she and Tom were newly married and Lewie had just been born in March.

Now, Justin and I are close friends, Elena lives here and owns a house, Kelly and I are friends and she is pregnant with her third child. Mindy runs a hugely successful business and has two boys in grade school.

What does this all mean? Nothing really, it’s just a recap. So, in another five years, I can come back to this and say, wow, things have changed so much, again. Because that’s what happens. Time passes and things change. Nothing stays the same. Friends grow and change. Families evolve. Life deals hardship and your heart is forever changed by it.

When I started this blog in August of 2010, I warned you that it was all about change. Back then, I was blogging at Mindsay, a completely different space. I wrote 517 posts there before moving on. Now, I’m fully invested in WordPress and I love it here. In addition to this being my five year anniversary (of blogging as a whole, not only at WordPress), this post is also my 483rd post on this site. Did you do the math?

This is my 1,000th post as a blogger. Yes, across two sites, but I have set out to tell a story, to entertain, on one thousand separate occasions.

That is a cause for celebration. And, today, we celebrate with this retrospective and with this post.

It is exactly 1,000 words long.

Thank you, always, for reading.

4 thoughts on “Five x One Thousand

  1. Congratulations! AWESOME! I always enjoy your posts. You are a wonderfully funny, creative writer and story teller. Keep up the good work…it’s enjoyed by many! Especially your mom, who loves you so much:)

  2. Congratulations on writing ONE THOUSAND possts – like really, 1000? I enjoyed the insights into what was going on in your life when you started. It is always interesting too look back and see how things have changed, how far we ‘ve come and grown and learnt. You’re a wonderful writer and I enjoyed the post.

    • Yes, really, 1,000 posts I’ve written. Thank you so much for the compliment, I truly appreciate it. It is always nice to hear from people who read my blog (well, people who aren’t related to me!). Thanks for stopping by.

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