Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Neither breakfast, nor a meal at all. More of a snack, really.

But it was, actually from Tiffany’s.


I know the photo is grainy, but you can clearly see our happiness and those robin’s egg blue wrappers, signifying cookies we picked up at Tiffany & Co. True story, we wandered in to browse and they had free cookies, so we each took one, because it will probably be the only time in either of our lives we actually get anything from Tiffany’s.

It was a fun day, with my very favorite mom, holiday shopping when we both have our lists complete, the very best kind of day.

4 thoughts on “Breakfast at Tiffany’s

  1. Where was it at? What city? Very cool! Ted you know Hollis’ wedding ring is from Tiffany’s and has broke so many times she doesn’t even wear it any more. They told her it’s ‘not for everyday use.’ Not what I’d expect from Tiffany’s!

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