Three Years

Three years ago, on Christmas day, 2009, I took this photo.


My sister was pregnant with Arionna. We did not yet know if the baby was a boy or a girl. We were just so excited to welcome that little baby into our family.

This year, on Christmas day 2012, I took this photo.


My sister, pregnant with her second child, a little boy. Knowing he’s a boy, knowing his name is Camden, knowing so much more than we did back then does not lessen the excitement in the least.

Three years ago, my sister’s family looked like this:


Today, my sister’s family looks like this:


We’re all so excited for this new addition to our family. As for me, I’m pleased my sister was kind enough to be pregnant at the same time of the year, just to appease my addiction to symmetry.

Just three more weeks to go until Camden’s official due date, however, he could come literally at any time. I get so excited to think of that call…


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