Christian’s Favorite Things

This goes out to my little friend Christian. Yesterday was his 5th birthday and today he had his tonsils out. He’s sitting in a hospital bed and I wanted to send him some love.

Here are some of Christian’s favorite things.




Me (also trains, in the background)

Water slides



His daddy


His mommy


His sister, Toria, and their dog, Cookie


The circus


Staying overnight at my house and playing Pig Toss.

His baby



Happy Birthday Christian! I hope this list helped you feel a little better. Love you!


4 thoughts on “Christian’s Favorite Things

    • Shoot! I actually thought “tools” when I was making the list. Just forgot to include it. I knew that one. Did he see it?

      And how much do you love that last picture of him?

      • Yes he saw it and talked about each picture. I love all the pics. Thank you!!!!
        He got a wood set for his bday and I let him work with it at the kitchen table the day after his surgery and now have no less than half dozen nail holes in my new table. Good thing he’s so darn cute.

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