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You know what I don’t talk about that often on my blog?


Yes, of course, I mention them in passing. A drop of a title here or a brief snippet there. However, given the amount of my life that focuses on books, I really don’t talk about them too often. Too busy reading, I guess.

In years past, I’ve often thought it would be fun to record the number of books that I read in a year. I know others do this and it seems like a great idea. However, I’ve started before and always failed. I start to forget to record a specific book and pretty soon ten books have passed and then a month and suddenly it’s too far gone.

I don’t want that to happen again, so I decided the best way to stay on track is to use the blog. Hopefully you all will remember and remind me, at the start of each month, for an update.

I’m using my smartphone to track the books because I pretty much always have it with me, so it’s easy to remember to finish a book, pick up the phone and record what I just read. But, after each month has finished, I want to update the total and the names of each book I read.

I would guess, upon being asked, that I read between 100-150 books each year. Obviously there are a lot of factors that can influence it, the biggest being time. Last year, I worked a million jobs and had virtually no spare time for half the year. That didn’t leave a lot of time for reading. I would guess I didn’t even hit 100 last year. Of course, I don’t really know, that’s just an estimate. But by the end of 2013 I plan on knowing exactly….

January (10 books)

1. The Daughter of Smoke and Bone – Laini Taylor

2. Meridian – Amber Kizer

3. Insurgent – Veronica Roth

4. The Runaway Princess – Hester Browne

5. The Goddess Test – Aimee Carter

6. The Last Man – Vince Flynn

7. Shadow’s Claim (The Dacians) – Kresley Cole

8. Led Astray – Sandra Brown*

9. Matched – Ally Condie

10. Days of Blood and Starlight – Laini Taylor

The *denotes a book that is a re-read. I am still counting in the overall total, but it’s nice to know how many NEW books I read as well. Also, if you are curious about any of the books listed, drop a line in the comments and I’m happy to give a brief review for anything I read.

For example, I will tell you the best January book I read was #1 (the numbers denote the order in which I read them – and nothing else) The Daughter of Smoke and Bone. This was a beautifully written and compelling story. I had no idea what it was about when I opened it up and that’s kind of exciting. Media over saturates us sometimes to the point where our expectations are so skewed that we can’t possibly enjoy something. The worst one I read? #2 Meridian. This was such a boring book. I honestly could not have cared less about the characters. I wanted to quit it halfway through, but kept at it, luckily it was a short book.

Truly, Meridian was the only loser in January. It was a good book month for me. I really enjoyed everything else. Even The Days of Blood and Starlight (#10) which is a sequel to my favorite, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, was a good book. It was a letdown compared to the awesomeness of its predecessor, but not in of itself a bad book. So, here’s to hoping February keeps up with January.

Lastly, let’s use this to play a little game. Hit the comments, tell me how many books you think I will read in 2013. Keep in mind that it was 10 in January, that sets a pace of 120 books. If you think I can keep it up (a book every three days?) guess there or higher. If you think I will tail off, guess lower. I’ll caution you, I typically tend to read more in the summertime than the winter…so figure that in. At the end of the year, closest (or exact) guess wins a blog post of their choice (I will write on whatever subject the winner chooses).

Hit me with your guesses, they must be entered in the comments before the February post goes up (around March 1).

And I hope you like it when I talk about books because I’m really feeling it this year. As you can probably tell….

10 thoughts on “Books Books Books

  1. My guess is 103. I am really surprised to see Insurgent on your list….1. It’s a trilogy 2. Being similar to Hunger Games which I think I remember you insanely saying you didn’t care for it! I just started Divergent and it’s pretty good and I’m guessing it gets better if YOU actually read the second one 😉

    • I read Divergent and wasn’t sure if I liked it. So I read Insurgent and am still not sure. They are very interesting books, and kept me thinking about them, so that’s why. And I will read the third one. Just for the record, I love dystopian novels like Hunger Games. I just didn’t like that one. But the genre, yeah, I like that.

      Also, you might try Matched by Ally Condie, it’s a trilogy as well. Pretty dang good.

  2. What a fun post! I tried to write down every book I read last year, but I got lazy after January and lost track. best of luck with finding some exciting books this year. Great blog:)

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