One Week Old

For those keeping score at home, my nephew Camden is one week old today.

Just to play it fair, I’m going to blast a few photos out into the world.


This was from Friday 2/15, his first doctor’s appointment, where I was his chauffeur. I was cracking up at how big that baby hat is on his peanut head. It kept slipping down to cover his face.


Also Friday, when I finally got to hold him. He was staring right into my eyes, for the very first time.

Jumping forward in time, to yesterday:


That was from his newborn photo shoot. He was an angel, slept through the whole thing, right until his own close up time, then he woke up and stared into the camera. Angel.

Oh, God, he’s just so beautiful.


This is rapidly becoming one of my favorites of him. I love the pose, the look, those sweet baby lips….I think I’m in love.


Seriously, if you can look at that and your womb doesn’t ache, then either, A) you’re not a woman and therefore do not have a womb or B) you may be made of stone.


Lastly, my new picture with my nephew-angel. Me and Cam-Cam the Sunshine Man (as I like to call him, which never fails to elicit a giggle from his big sister).


4 thoughts on “One Week Old

  1. Love it! My great-nephew and your nephew were born the same day, it appears, because our little dude is a week old today, too. The are both absolutely gorgeous! I will finally get to see him in person and hold him this weekend.

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