Two Girls in Hats

The day of Arionna and Camden’s pictures was a pretty long day. I was in full-on fun Auntie mode, doing my best to keep the three-year-old entertained. We were wandering through Sears when we came upon a row of hats.

She immediately zeroed in on a pink, sequined hat. I handed it to her and she put it on. I said, “can I take a picture of you and then show you how cute you look in that hat?”

She agreed. She doesn’t always. Not a huge fan of getting her picture taken.


Really? Why are little kids so cute in hats?

Then, she said to me, “you try it on Auntie Livi and I’ll take a picture of you and you can see.”

It’s pretty hard to refuse an offer like that.


And that is the first photo she took of me that worked out. Clearly the pink hat is too small for me, but I don’t even care. I’m loving these matching photos of me and my best girl.


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