Two Weeks Old

My beautiful nephew is two weeks old today. Instead of photos I took, I’m going to share his newborn pictures.

To begin, the big sister and little brother together.



*heart melting*


And that’s a weird angle, because he looks WAY chunkier than he actually is.


I love how he’s smirking at the idea of being forced to pose with this bear that isn’t even his.


So precious.

They took several family photos and they are all great, but I think this one is my favorite.



I love this one. My mom made him that hat.

This next one might be my favorite of the day…


Except for maybe this one…


He was rapidly losing his patience at this point, and did not care for being naked.

But, just before the end, she grabbed a couple little extras that Emily didn’t even ask for.


And I don’t know whether I like them better in black and white or that amazing pink color that you can’t replicate in nature.


Hard to say, isn’t it?

And those are the photos of Camden from his newborn shoot. Technically he was only 6 days old when those were taken, but they needed to be shared.

Which one is your favorite?


2 thoughts on “Two Weeks Old

  1. Sweetness! My first fave is #1. She will cherish that picture forever. There will never be one like that again. I love the b&w feet one but the color is a close 2nd. Gorgeous!

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