Massive Icicles

This weekend, I was marveling at my icicles. They have been impressive this year, but this past week…

They hang on my upper eaves, over the garage overhang. They now nearly touch the overhang below. I’m not sure of the exact height, but I know I can stand up there. So, they are taller than me.

I tried to get the whole front of the house, but it was too sunny. Not a problem I complain about in the winter.


The right edge of my house. The shorter ones are probably still two feet long.


The left edge, and some of my neighbors’.


Then, straight up at the center. It is a weird angle, but those are probably close to six feet, in the center.

Simon was visiting this weekend and he was showing me my mom’s icicles, which are probably 3-4 feet. I showed him these pictures and his eyes got huge. “Wow! Auntie Livi, those are AMAZING!” And then he ran around the whole house and showed everyone my amazing icicles.

I figure if they impressed him, they are worth recording. Also, I think they make my house look spooky.


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