Three Weeks Old

My darling nephew Camden is three weeks old today. I have some new pictures. When I saw him, he was sound asleep in his daddy’s arms. I said I wanted him. The transfer woke him up. Let’s see if he was pleased…


And it is a little blurry because I was trying to soothe him while taking the photo.

Once he calmed down,


He worked on his tea drinking skills. He knows that someday he’ll get something more than breastmilk, so he’s trying to be ready.

Then, he shifted his attention upward, to the giant face floating above him.


“Holy Cow, that’s not my mom or dad!” At least I’m pretty sure that’s what he was thinking.

Then he studied me. Which was fine. Because I was studying him, too.


I think we decided we’re going to be pals. I love that he’s so alert now and that he notices things and focuses and turns his head at sounds. He’s growing so very quickly.


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