Lent Letter #18

Dear Aunt Pam and Uncle Dave,

The very first people who ever let me babysit for them. I used to feel so grownup. I remember when I was a girl that sometimes I spent the night at your house. As an adult, an aunt myself, I have to assume it was so my parents could have a night off? I never knew that, I always thought it was a special night out.

When I think about the two of you, so many things pop into my head. Uncle Dave’s sense of humor, Aunt Pam’s books, spinach balls, Digby, golf, 1661, the list goes on and on. Each year, when I put up my Christmas tree, I think about you both. So many of my ornaments, most of my favorites, truthfully, are from Uncle Dave, my godfather. I know Aunt Pam put time and effort and love into choosing each one.

The lucky thing about family is that they know us all our lives – and love us anyway. I have a thousand memories from my childhood that feature the two of you. I have memories as an adult that feature the two of you; like how each of you and the boys would write to me when I moved away to St. Cloud when I was 18. You let me take a piece of home, of family, with me as I started this new life.

I’ve long known that I was blessed in my family, the two of you are just additional proof to add to the pile.

Thank you for being part of my life,


(to see why I am doing this, read here)


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