A Little Synchronous

Last night, while eating dinner, I was watching an episode of The West Wing, in the episode, CJ, the press secretary was explaining to Donna how a bad situation was going to play with the press. She said there would definitely be some schadenfreude.

Donna, a secretary, said, “schadenfreude?”

CJ replied “you know, enjoying the suffering of others. The whole rationale behind the US House of Representatives.”

It was a funny moment, but hardly one that would stick in my mind, until I came to work, about 12 hours later and the first email in my inbox was my word of the day email.

Today’s word?

Schadenfreude (n.) Pleasure derived from another’s misfortune.

Well, how about that?

That’s not so common a word that you’d expect to keep hearing it. It’s moments like that, moments of synchronicity that make my day. And also, it’s a lovely addition to our TYNKYNK and the first one of 2013!


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