Lent Letter #26

Dear Me,

Happy Birthday! Yes, today is your birthday. 34 wonderful years. As I’ve been doing this writing experiment for Lent (and, just between you and me, it kind of sucks that our birthday is always in Lent) I’ve realized a few things about myself. Possibly the best thing about me (you? us? let’s go with we) is my openness. I love that we’re so willing to try new things, to take risks, to dare, to change, to learn.

This is an amazing trait that so few people have. We like discovering new things. We like change. We experiment. It doesn’t mean we’re not happy with things, we are. We’re good at living in the moment and enjoying the life we have, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like change.

We accept new ideas. We’re willing to listen to something that we might initially disagree with. We allow the beliefs and knowledge and wisdom of others to seep into our life. This changes us, molds us, makes us different people. Everyone we meet, everyone we love, is a part of making us who we are. They come and they go. Sometimes they stay. It doesn’t matter, because they all leave an indelible mark on this life we are living. It’s not always for the best. Sometimes the change is difficult or hurtful or worse. But those things help us grow and become a better person. So, it is all for the best.

Hardship is just that, hard. It doesn’t mean it is bad or evil or wrong. It’s not even something to be avoided. We learn best when we are challenged. We are open to the truths that the world can bring and that is what makes us extraordinary. We are at our best when we are learning and changing and growing.

Remember that. Hold it tight within our heart and keep it close. When it’s especially hard, pull it out and remember that it’s helping us become better. Never forget that our gift to the world is exactly who we are.

I am a gift because of who I am. When I get better, so does the world around me.

Thank you for being you,


(to see why I am doing this, read here)


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