Lent Letter #28

Dear Kel,

I’ve been saving my letter to you for the day you had the baby. Trust you to have it on a Sunday, the only day I don’t write them!

The point of all this is to talk about the greatest influences in my life. That whole description is you. Has there ever been a friend with a greater influence on my life? Maybe it’s because you had a head start, but I don’t think so. I think it is because you are such a force of nature. I’ve always felt swept along in the current of Kelly. Which might sound strange, but that’s how it feels. When you do something, you do it 150%. You charge forth and bring everything within you and make your whole life about what you are doing. It’s amazing to experience.

I’m not like that. I’m quieter. I don’t get swept up in things as easily as you.

Until you taught me how. Now, when I do get caught up in things, I know it is because of your influence on my life. I know it’s okay that I’m obsessed with Christian Kane, because you showed me it’s not only ok, it’s actually awesome.

Yet, for all this influence, for all your passion, for all you do, it is me you turn to for help. It’s me that you ask for advice. I’m the one that you turn to. I’ve grown more confident in my ability to help, in the advice that I give, because of you. I’m comfortable being the one that people come to for advice because I’ve always been that friend, for you.

These are two very opposite ideas and somehow they fit, perfectly. They describe you, to a T, the extremes. But they also help define me. You help define me. It’s not always easy with us. Sometimes it’s been downright awful. But, you know what? It’s always been worth it.

Yesterday, you had a baby. A beautiful new baby boy. I know that while you’re struggling with these new challenges, I’m not worried. It will all work out and you will handle it, as you do everything else. Efficiently, furiously, powerfully, emotionally, with strength and love and determination.

And when you need something, I’ll be right here.

It’s how we work. Always have. Always will.

Thank you for being part of my life,


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