Lent Letter #30

Dear Christian Kane,

Even though you are never going to read this and part of me thinks it is a wee bit loony to write to my celebrity crush, that’s the nice thing about having your own blog. No one to tell you no.

I think that it is pretty obvious how you’ve influenced my life. I’ve been mildly obsessed with you since 2003. Ten years. Ten solid years of being a true Kaniac. What is nice, for you, is that I’ve expanded your fan base, exponentially. My dad knows who you are. He knows you sing and that you were on Leverage. If you knew my dad, you’d know how amazing that is.

I’ve actually been missing you like crazy since Leverage ended. I know that sounds a little stalkery, but I’ve gotten accostumed to seeing you on my television. It was a little check with my favorite star. I’m sure that whatever you’re doing, you’re going to share it with the world me soon enough. I’m trying to be patient. But if you could land on a new show, or at least a movie, or put out a new album, or at least a new single (honestly, I’ve nearly worn out my mp3 of Dusty Rose). Just a little connection to your world would help.

Though it was kind of you to tweet that you’re getting started on some new music…just for my birthday. You’re thoughtful like that.

I’ll remain your true and faithful fan until you retire, even if it makes me a crazy old lady going to concerts, I’m gonna do it for you. Maybe one day you’ll even hug me again!

That was a highlight to this life of mine, hard to deny. I bleed Kaniac and always will. You keep me sane and help me be crazy. Your voice picks up even the worst of my days. Thanks for being the kinds of celebrity where I am proud to be your fan.

Thank you for being part of my life,

Olivia “#1 Kaniac”


(to see why I am doing this, read here)

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