Out of Control

Seriously, March is tough for me. It’s all about my birthday and somehow it just gets so busy. And I worked a lot. Which all sound like excuses, but happen to also be true.

Thus, my poor blogging performance.

Lent letters? I’ve written most of them (some only mentally) and need to get them posted. It’s a back log. Yeah, I kind of fell off the wagon, but I believe it is the attempt that counts. Not necessarily the success.

So brace yourselves. Stuff is a-coming.


P.S. If you read this by coming to visit the site and not through a reader, you may want to scroll backward, I’m publishing missed Lent Letters on the day they should have appeared, instead of all today. Keep scrolling backward to March 7, that was the first one I put up today.

2 thoughts on “Out of Control

    • Hope that helped!

      I’ll have some more for you tomorrow. But I think the 13 I got posted today should hold you for a bit.

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