Lent Letter #31

Dear Lewie,

Happy Birthday, Lew! Today you are six years old. Sometimes I look at you and think that I blinked and you went from newborn to six, then other times I can’t even remember what life was like without you.

Do you wanna know something funny? Until the day you were born I didn’t know that babies could be born with dimples. True story. That sounds kind of silly now, but when I met you at the hospital, you made a little face and you had dimples in both cheeks. I was delightfully surprised. I said to your mommy, “he has dimples!” I will always remember that I learned something the day you were born.

When I think about you, the first thing that I see is your smile. I think you smile more than any kid I’ve ever met. Probably my favorite thing about you is that you like it when I ask you to smile at me for a picture. Every single time. If I say your name in that tone, you immediately turn toward me and slip into that easy, charming grin of yours, dimples popping, eyes twinkling. It melts me, every time.

(Even though I have not been posting pictures in my letters, I am making an exception for you, because other people read this blog and they don’t all know you like I do.)


That picture was a year ago, but you’ll note that even while playing on the playground, you took the time to stop and give me that trademark grin.

Your personality is pure sunshine. You make people feel better just being around you. That is your gift to the world. I love the fact that you’re still a little boy, that you’ll still hug me and sit on my lap and just want to play and have fun. I know it’s ending, I know you’re on the cusp of becoming all boy. That soon hugs and kisses will be gross and playing with adults won’t be on your radar, but I am hoping that you never lose that magic smile. That you’ll use it your whole life to bring light and happiness to yourself and those around you.

Being your friend makes me happy. Being around you makes me happy. Seeing you smile makes my whole day.

Happy 6th birthday my sunshiny friend!

Thank you for being part of my life,


(to see why I am doing this, read here)

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