Lent Letter #37

Dear Jason,

Old friend of mine. What can I even say to you? I met you at one of the most crucial times in my life. I was away from home for the very first time, trying to figure out who I was. I was scared and lonely and hated my roommate. Then she ditched me and I got a worse roommate. But then, then there was you.

The night we met, you were so frustrated and annoyed by me, and that was before I lit you on fire. Literally. But somehow, through both of our personalities, we connected. From that night forward, we were inseparable. You became my best friend. Whether we spent our time drinking or studying or playing frisbee golf, or just listening to music, we had endless fun together. You are the single best part about college, to me. Do you remember that you are the one who taught me to email for the first time? Never done it in my life, until you showed me how. (Yes, I was 18 before I used email the first time, get over it).

You introduced me to so many new experiences, as I did for you. Together, we explored the world around us, while learning who we are. Everything is easier with a best friend, this was no exception. I would not have come through that experience as strong and positively as I did, without you by my side. I would not be the person I am today, without your friendship. The threads of the woman I was to become were sown in those carefree days of laughter, friendship, and love.

I don’t know which of us is more surprised that we’ve remained friends for all this time after. Our lives have gone such different ways, it should be so easy to let go and just remember who we used to be. But, somehow, our friendship makes it worth holding tighter and remaining close.

Which reminds me, we’re behind on our lunch schedule. Let’s fix that, hmm?

Thank you for standing beside me, thank you for leading the way, thank you for following the path I tread. No matter what, always on my side.

Thank you for being part of my life,



(to see why I am doing this, read here)


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