Lent Letter #38

Dear Arionna,

Happy Birthday babycakes. You’re three years old today. I can hardly believe it. You’re smart and beautiful and funny and sassy and just about the sweetest girl I’ve ever known. It’s really kind of crazy how much I love you.

What’s crazier still is how much you love me. You like to tell people I’m your best friend, and I am. And I always will be. You also like to say that you’re going to marry me when you grow up. It melts me when you say that. I always tell you that I couldn’t do any better. That’s true.

Our relationship is just so easy. There’s nothing hard about being friends, about being godmother/goddaughter, about being auntie/niece. We are just easy and comfortable and so very much in love with each other. Spending time with you makes my days brighter. Seeing you brings a smile to my face. Being around you pretty much always elicits belly laughs. No one can get me laughing like you.

Three years into our relationship and it’s going better than I ever even dreamed. I could not be more pleased with you and with our relationship. I could not be more pleased to be a part of your life and to have you as one of the very best parts of mine. You are my buddy, my pal, my friend, my sweetheart, my one and only niece.

I love you bunches and bunches, my girl. Never doubt that.

Thank you for being part of my life, and the very happiest of third birthdays to you,

Auntie Livi

(to see why I am doing this, read here)


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