Vanilla Cows

My whole life, I’ve not been a fan of yogurt. Not even a little. I could eat it, sure, but I hated chunky yogurt. If it had fruit in it, it had to be blended and smooth. Mostly though, I just avoided it. Not really sure why. I like pudding, which is roughly the same texture.

I’m not really a breakfast eater. However, I am now up every single morning and I am trying to eat at least a little more healthy. I’ve found when I do eat something for breakfast, I get hungrier before lunch than I would otherwise, but I also don’t eat as much at lunch. Which is why I started buying bananas or strawberries or grapes. I would take a small serving of fresh fruit with me and eat it at work as my breakfast. It was working just fine.

A few weeks ago, I stopped at Target to pick up some things and I knew I needed a few groceries. I decided to just get them at Target, saving myself the extra trip. After completing my list, I was headed to the checkout, leaving the grocery area, when I saw a refrigerated endcap. It hosted quart size containers of yogurt, and fresh strawberries.

I grabbed a container of strawberries, for sure. Then, without my consent, my hand wandered up to the yogurt and snagged a container. Before I could comprehend, it was in my cart and I was paying for it.

A QUART of yogurt. For someone who does not like yogurt, it seems rather stupid to buy an entire quart. What was I thinking?

Believe it or not, I didn’t think about it too hard. It just, suddenly, sounded good to me.

I got home and stared at that yogurt. Then my mind changed directions. It started thinking about these tiny containers my mom got me for Christmas, in these beautiful rainbow colors. I pulled a couple out and portioned all that yogurt into individual containers. Then I got out the strawberries I bought, cut them up and added them to the yogurt.

For the next 8 days, I now had a strawberry and yogurt breakfast.

Did you notice how I said I added fruit? I HATE fruit yogurt! But, that is probably because it gets all mashed and doesn’t taste fresh? Evidently, cutting up actual fresh fruit and adding it to the yogurt I don’t like doesn’t bother me at all. Those cups were delicious.

As soon as they were gone, I went and bought more yogurt, this time with fresh blackberries.

I am just finishing this round, eating the last of the yogurt, after running out of blackberries. Just eating plain, vanilla yogurt. It’s what I had for breakfast today. And it was delicious. On mornings I don’t have it, I find myself craving it. I’m already planning to stop and buy some more. Maybe raspberries this time? Or blueberries?

Now I’m left wondering if I was wrong my whole life, perhaps I just never had the right kind of yogurt? Or else my tastes have changed drastically and now I am better able to enjoy things I didn’t used to care for?

I think it’s that the vanilla cows just get better with age.

4 thoughts on “Vanilla Cows

  1. GREEK YOGURT IS THE BOMB! Buy it plain, add fruit to it. I like to add dried fruit to it in the morning and by lunch time, it’s absorbed liquid and is very yummy. My favorite = limey yogurt – Greek yogurt, lime juice (1/2 lime), a little honey to take the edge off the lime. The best.

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