A Thousand Miles

It’s April 23. Aside from the fact I’ve been a bit slackery here in blogland, let’s talk about the weather. I’m not a weather complainer. It just IS, you know? I can’ t do anything about it, so just shut up and deal. That’s pretty much my philosophy.

However, I’m drowning in thoughts of despair and irritability. It is April 23. We just got hit with another snow storm. SNOW storm. While it CAN snow in April, it is rare. By April, the skies are sunny and the temperatures start to climb. We get a lot of rain to wash away the last vestiges of snow and to make the air that sweet smelling air that can only be spring. Our average daily temperature is about 62°.

At this exact moment, it is 34°. Close to thirty degrees below average. It’s still cold. It still snows. Last night we got another four inches.

Driving home from work last night in a gray and dreary snowstorm, a good solid month or so past when we ought to be having snowstorms, this was my world.

Fat, heavy, wet, sloshy snowflakes. The kind that flop out of  the sky and hit your skin and stick.

Chunks of snow, almost.

I was so discouraged when I went to bed last night. And yet, I woke up to a most beautiful morning.

Good morning.

The air was still, a whisper through the sunbeams. It smelled of snow and cold and damp, but it was crisp and refreshing. It reminded me of how much I like it when it snows. I feel so ready for spring, I’ve forgotten how beautiful a snowfall can be, even in April.

Perhaps the worst part is that in between snowstorms, it melts and I begin again to feel hopeful.

I just read this poem the other day. April is National Poetry Month, don’t you know.

April Snow by Caroline Spencer

The green was creeping o’er the brown,

The skies dropt bluebirds yesterday;

Again today the snow is down,

And spring a thousand miles away.


The poem goes on from there, but that was the part that struck me. I’ve been feeling every inch of that thousand miles lately, but today, this morning, spring feels a little closer.



4 thoughts on “A Thousand Miles

  1. I couldn’t believe that pic of them shoveling snow!! I am so sad for y’all lol. I’m sure it doesn’t help much but when I looked at the weather a few minutes ago for next week and saw its only in the 70’s I was bummed. We should be swimming by now!!!

    • And we still have snowbanks taller than Mike. Yeah, and they are saying we’re gonna get one more snowstorm next week.

      I hope not. Should hit 60 by the weekend…so most of the snow should melt. But this is ridiculous.

    • Snort, provided it doesn’t snow tomorrow or Thursday. Supposedly we’re downgraded to rain, but it is going from 75 degrees to 45 degrees. Extremely unfair for May.

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