Clearly Defined

For some reason I’m tripping over words I don’t know today. That doesn’t happen to me all that often.


Today it happened three and a half separate times before lunch.

1. koan – a nonsense or paradoxical question for which an answer is expected. The thinking of the answer provides meditation or enlightenment.

After reading the definition and sorting it out in my brain, I’m not certain it was used correctly, but it was close enough. And it’s an unusual word, so it entertained me.

2. agrarian – of or relating to land, cultivating land, farmers. Also, wild (as in untamed).

This one came off the farmer’s market website Elena sent me, so I figured something of the sort, especially from context, but I still didn’t know what it actually meant, ergo, I looked it up. Agrarian of me, I know.

3. bagarre – fight or brawl.

Turns out, this is actually a French word, so I’m not that surprised that I didn’t know it. I loved how it was used (woman out in a club with her husband and another woman was being rude; her husband stopped her from stirring up a bagarre). It seemed so natural I could totally see this being adopted. Though, granted, there are a lot of words to describe this, so it isn’t strictly necessary, but cute nonetheless.

3.5 wack and whack – wack is something of dubious, bad, or unknown quality. Sometimes used to denote crazy. “That dude is wack!” whack is a verb meaning to hit something solidly or with force. “I whacked him upside his wack head.”

I actually knew this one, but I looked it up to verify that I was, indeed, correct and the blogger who wrote that she wanted to wack him upside his head was incorrect.

Yep, that’s a whole lot of definition for one morning. And hopefully you learned something.

2 thoughts on “Clearly Defined

  1. I did! I was just thinking the other day about our “word of the day” that we used to do. I always enjoyed that:) But, this is just as good…if you do it daily!
    love you, thanks for the help with my phone BTW

    • I LOVED word of the day! I subscribe to word of the day emails, but it isn’t the same. Kristi B used to ask me, every day at Awada’s, “what’s today’s word?” she was obsessed with the fact that we did this as a family.

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