The Deer Hunter

Yesterday, I had lunch with this guy:


my friend Christian (who clearly enjoyed his lunch, in case you couldn’t tell)

and also with this guy:


my newest friend, Brecken, but he wasn’t much for conversation.

Christian told me all about how he created a trap in his backyard, with his friend Rosie, to catch a deer. It was a surprisingly detailed and well thought out plan for a pair of five year olds. At the table, I mentioned to Christian that if he wanted to catch a deer, he should come to my house, where the deer are quite tame and usually walk right up into the backyard.

That was a couple weeks ago  (prior to our May snowfall).

This was the next night. They really do come into my yard quite often.

He was very excited to see these deer in my yard and it launched his request to have me catch him his very own deer. We spent all of lunch talking about HOW I would attempt to catch this deer. By the end of the lunch, he was up to wanting 4-5 deer, in case he lost one or two and had to go find them by riding his other deer.

He named them, too.

Blitzen, Rudolph, Leader, Blessy, and Dessy.

He will name them in the order in which I catch them.

My current project, then, is to catch Blitzen. I started with food. The deer eat grass and leaves and plants. But they also like the seeds from the bird feeder. I sprinkled some on the ground to tempt them to come into the yard.

Then I sat quietly and read a book waited. Suddenly, I could hear the sounds from their hooves as they walked through the woods. But they didn’t come into the yard. I decided to go and look.

There I am, actually in the woods.

I was looking very hard. But I couldn’t see them! Deer are naturally brown in color, and the woods are brown and so the deer are camouflaged.

Here, take a look at the woods:

This is what I was looking into, trying to spot a deer. I stood quietly in the woods for a long time, waiting to see one I could catch. Suddenly….

Don’t worry, buddy, I will keep trying. It just might take me a while. Maybe one of these days you will have to come over and help me…

UPDATE: Christian just called me at work to ask me why I am not out in the woods trying to catch him a deer. He has yet to even see this because I hadn’t published it. He advised that I use carrots, deer toys, and a lasso to catch a deer next time. Seems like I have a lot of work to do.

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