Posts to Come

Oh Boy, I’m slacking lately. I know. I’ve been busy. Busy in life and busy at work. Blogging takes a backseat to real life. Who knew?

Here are the many things I am going to blog about soonish.

My birthday

Mother’s Day

Arionna’s birthday

Simon’s birthday

Emmy’s birthday

Zack’s birthday

(seriously, birthday season is exhausting)

Cam’s 3 month photos


date with Christian

Barclay St.

And, by the time I get around to finishing all those, I will probably add:

Grandma’s 95th bday

Sleepover with Kelly

Father’s Day

Camden’s baptism

hooky day(s)

Mom and Dad’s anniversary

Yeah, and that takes us through June. Not at all intimidating. Wish me luck and stick with me, I’ve got some good stuff coming up, I promise.

8 thoughts on “Posts to Come

    • Um, not necessarily, that was just the order I thought of them to type them on my blog.

      We’ll see. Probably as I have time.

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