Books Books Books – May Edition

I’ve been writing this post for two whole days. Turns out, I’ve now been writing this post for 13 days. I didn’t include it on my list of Posts to Come because I intended to have it posted right after that. Whoops. Now we pick up where we left off.

I really need to keep on top of this to make sure I don’t fall off the wagon with this book plan of mine. While it is true I have been reading less, I still want to keep track, have a record.

May was somewhat slow on the reading front. Partially because of neverending celebrations and too much work, but also because of tv series finales. It’s my second favorite month in which to watch tv…I love finales. (The first is September, for the curious, only thing better than endings is beginnings, much like with books).

And also I am not finding anything very inspiring lately. The number of books I have started and stopped for sheer lack of interest would probably astound many of you. But, in spite of all that, I did manage a fairly respectable May.

May (8 books)

1. Sweet Peril – Wendy Higgins

2. The Ivy – Lauren Kunze & Rina Onur

3. The Future of Us – Jay Asher & Carolyn Mackler

4. After the Storm – Amy Knupp

5. The Best Man – Kristan Higgins

6. Love Irresistably – Julie James

7. Fly Away – Kristin Hannah

8. Kiss an Angel – Susan Elizabeth Phillips*

Best book I read? #1, for sure. Sweet Peril was the sequel to Sweet Evil, which is one of the best books I read last year. I’ve been eagerly anticipating this sequel and it did not disappoint. It went in a totally unexpected direction, but I absolutely loved it. I read it in three hours. I was tearing though this book.

The next best was #3 The Future of Us, which is about two high school kids in the 90s who log on to AOL for the first time (back when internet was scarce) and suddenly stumble onto Facebook (which, obviously, hadn’t been invented yet) and start reading about their own lives 15 years in the future. This really touched me because 15 years ago (ish) I was IN high school and I remember using the internet for the first time and I remember getting trial discs of AOL in the mail.

Most of the rest were largely forgettable, but let’s talk briefly about #7. Fly Away by Kristin Hannah. Hannah is the author of one of my most beloved books, Firefly Lane. I own this book and find it so heartwarming and truly a well told story. I love that book. I’ve recommended it to several people. This book, Fly Away, is a sequel. To say I was excited for this book would be a complete understatement.

And…I hated it. Hated it. Not just didn’t care for it or even didn’t like it. I hated this book. I could go on for days about why, but I’ll nutshell it for you. The thing that I loved about Firefly Lane is the relationships. Primarily the relationship between the two main characters, but really, the whole mess of relationships. In this book, she tore them apart. She went out of her way to destroy every single relationship of the first book. And, she messed with BOTH the main characters from Firefly. It was awful. I don’t recall ever being so fully disappointed in a sequel. I’ve surely thought they haven’t lived up to the premier, or my expectations, or the hype, or that they were just bad; but this was just plain awful. It almost ruined my enjoyment of all the other May books. GRR. Why? Why would you do that KH? What on earth were you thinking?

So there, that was my disappointing May and now I’m midway through June. And, not gonna lie, I’m pretty pissed about the weather, because it is not at all suitable for reading outdoors. QUIT RAINING! (as I say that, it is sunny outside, but I do not have my hopes up that it will stay that way. ¬†Experience has taught me it will rain tomorrow, as it does every day….)

***Edited to add that my yearly total is now up to 47 books.

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