Somebunny Special

Guess which special fella I had lunch with today?

Breck and Me

Yes, my little bunny, I mean buddy, was sweet enough to treat me to lunch. Just shy of three months old and already such a gentleman. Thanks, Brecken, I enjoyed our lunch date. Let’s do it again soon!

**Edited to add**

Whenever I’m out in public, the paparazzi are always there, taking endless photos. In this case, they happened to snap a perfect little photo and it was just sent to me, after the original draft was published.

I figured it was worth adding on to the blog…

Me and Breck smiling


Sure doesn’t get much more perfect than that!

5 thoughts on “Somebunny Special

    • I’m not sure about that. I’m 34, it’s possible that once in my life there was a cuter picture of me. However, I will say that one of my favorite photos of me ever, was taken by Mindy’s then 3 year old, Lewie. When I kept saying how much I loved it, she said “you probably like it so much because you love him so much, you look happier when you’re with him.” Or something. So that could be….I look amazing because I’m filled with love for Little B.

      Yep, going with that.

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