Spell Check

I’m an excellent speller. See here and here for more on that. As a librarian, believe it or not, I get asked “how do you spell ________” all the time. It’s a regular occurrence for me. And when one person hears me help with spelling, then it only increases the number of people who ask.

Whenever I am asked, I never don’t know. That was weirdly phrased. I always know. I don’t have to look. I’m an excellent speller, as I have already stated.

Until today.

I finally had to look up a “word”, AND it has the added distinction of being the most interesting “word” I’ve ever been asked to help with. I keep putting “word” in quotes because it is not technically a word, it is a name, comprised of four words.

Are you ready?

I’ll give you a hint, it’s starts with Bo…..

Anyone want to guess?

I’ll wait.

Are you back?

Bo Bo Skee Watan-Tatan

True story. For those who don’t know, that’s a childhood song. I recognized it immediately, but, for Heaven’s sake, who on Earth is going to know how to spell that?

I googled it and got a variety of responses (as you can imagine). However, the one listed above is the most commonly accepted spelling. When I spelled it for the student, she typed it in her paper and even MS Word accepted that, so there you go, I learned to spell Bo Bo Skee Watan-Tatan! So you better believe, if I ever get asked again, I’ll be able to spell it perfectly.


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