Happy 34

It’s weird how much I love my birthday and yet I kind of hate blogging this because it was almost three months ago. Still and all, I’m going to do it, because otherwise I’m going to be sad when next year comes around.

For my actual birthday, I went out to dinner with my family. We went to Dick’s in Hudson. Why, you ask? Well, if you know me at all, that’s a good question. I am not a big fan of Dick’s. I don’t hate it or anything but it probably wouldn’t rank on a list of my favorites at all. However, my birthday always falls during Lent and this year it was on a Friday. That meant I could really only go out for Fish Fry. I happen to like Fish Fry, so it wasn’t a thing. My sister suggested Dick’s, saying their Fish Fry was great. It was pretty good, I think great might be a stretch. Obb’s is better, but since I’m not a huge fan of that place either, it was a six of one situation.

My number one goal was to get a picture of me with all three of the little kids, Simon, Arionna, and Camden. There is only ONE picture of me with Simon AND Arionna, and it’s terrible. So, I asked my sister. She decides to do it at the restaurant.

Take 1:

 Really, kids?
Take 2:

Well, that’s actually worse.
Take 3:

Seriously? At least the baby is kind of looking for this one. And then my sister hands me the camera and says, “I’m sure one of those will work.”
Next, Simon took over the camera to take super unflattering photos of most of the table’s occupants.
And Auntie Livi:
I mean, wow.
But then, he proved the old adage “practice makes perfect” by knocking it out of the park with this photo.

I know, beautiful.
Then it was home for cake and presents, frankly, my favorite part.

I also like how when it is my birthday, they let me hold the baby all night long.


Then, as my REAL present, I was insistent upon getting an actual nice photo of me with the kids.

So close…if only Arionna put her hand down.

Well, that’s pretty perfect. Cam’s not looking, but it’s still pretty great.
One more take, though, just in case….

There it is. All looking, and someone said something funny, so Arionna is laughing and I’m laughing and Simon has a sweet smile on his face. Just perfection. This picture makes me so happy.
Onto the next night, where all my friends and most of my family came over to play board games. It was a fun evening, but very, very, very much more lowkey that previous epic parties. In fact, several people commented on that fact to me.
Not too much to report. Kelly was kind enough to stop in for 10 minutes, before heading off to give birth, which was nice of her. (Seriously, she gave birth five HOURS after leaving my party).
But my favorite part was getting lovely photos with my friends and family.

Me and Lane. This was a self-portrait because she was the first one there. And I think she actually took all the rest, which is why this is in the kitchen (counters) and the rest are in the living room.

Me and Mindy, and I love this because there are not NEARLY enough photos of me with this girl.

Me with my sister and brother in law, and I think this is the only photo of just the three of us in existence. I was trying to think if there was one from their wedding, but I don’t think so. Chad’s brother (the best man) was always in photos with us.

My mom and her girls. One of my favorite photos of the three of us was taken on Emily’s 21st birthday. This could well be my second favorite!
And my last photo of the night?

Do I really need to say more?
It was a quiet birthday, but that’s okay. Just a breather to gear up for 35…

6 thoughts on “Happy 34

  1. I’ve thought so many times how I wish we got a pic together that night. I said it when we got in the car in the street in front of your house. Mark said, “Do you want to go back in?” “I can’t.” Clearly, I had more important things to do that night;-)

    Since I had other things on my mind that night I didn’t realize how pretty you looked. But now I realize. You looked very pretty:-)

    • Thank you! That’s very sweet. And I also wish we had gotten a picture. I didn’t think to ask while you were there because I was nervous. You were acting weird (clearly because you were about to have a baby) but I wasn’t sure at that point….

      I wish we had, especially because I don’t think we got one at all with you pregnant. That makes me sad.

      • I think you’re right. That’s really sad. Did we take any together at MOA for my birthday? I know you took some, but maybe not of us together.

      • We took one. In the minivan headlights, in front of my garage. But you can’t really tell you’re pregnant. and it is a terrible photo. I’m surprised that two people who take as many pictures as we do did even THINK to do that!

  2. Aaahh, the mini van headlights. I remember. That’s pretty weak given the NINE months we had to take one and how much we were together. Why didn’t we take one the afternoon I told you, or one in the dressing room when we went to get maternity clothes. Or one the night I came to your house and cried for two hrs on your couch and you told me Baby #3 would only make my family better. Boy, were you so right!

    • Well, the afternoon you told me you didn’t look pregnant. Same with maternity clothes shopping. The night you cried on my couch would have been perfect….except you were crying.

      But, I agree, we should have made it a priority. No going back, so I guess we’ll just have to make up for it by taking lots of pictures of us together from here on out. And maybe some extras of me and B.

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