Arionna is 3!

Yep, my little babycakes turned three back in March. She’d literally tell anyone who asked that she was “three in March”. Unfortunately, she didn’t really understand what that means, so she still says it if you ask how old she is.

For this birthday, she decided she wanted a Mickey & Minnie party. She looked quite darling (and if the expression on her face is any indication, she was about to cause trouble).

Opening the MASSIVE amount of gifts she got, it was practically embarrassing.
Grandma Kaye bought her the pink chair and made her the Minnie blanket (above).
Turns out that someone REALLY hates the birthday song.

But perhaps the best gift of the day, also homemade by that amazing grandma, was her custom Minnie Mouse hat.

Think she likes it?
What about her brother? That darling Mickey Mouse….

He’s not quite as thrilled, but he doesn’t hate it as much as she hates that birthday song….
Have a wonderful year being 3, Arionna!

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