I just got a phone call, it was an 800 number. I immediately thought “did I forget to pay a bill?” because that’s usually what those numbers are. I answered the phone and it was Discover Card fraud prevention, wanting me to verify charges. I wasn’t too concerned, because I rarely use my Discover Card, but I used it recently and figured they were calling to check on that.

Still, I never know if calls like this are legitimate, so instead of giving out my personal information, I hung up. Then, I got out my card and I called them. That way, I know for sure that the people I am talking to are calling from Discover. As soon as I got through, I was transferred to the fraud prevention department, so I am pretty sure that first call was legit.

The automated service listed the charge I made and asked if I actually made it. I confirmed that I did. Then they listed a second charge, to Netflix, for $1. One dollar.

A) I don’t have a Netflix account, so it definitely wasn’t me.


B) Who steals a credit card and charges ONE DOLLAR to Netflix?

So I confirmed that I did not make that charge and I was immediately transferred to a real live person. This woman I spoke to, who was by far the nicest person I’ve ever spoken to at Discover, then told me that the Netflix charge was just one charge that concerned them. They just stop using the automation once you say it wasn’t a real charge you made. She then asked me if I charged at an online tech company that I had never heard of….for $800 dollars.

Well, at least that is more like it.

I confirmed that I did not and then she went backward in time through my last charges….all two of them. I confirmed the ones I did.

She told me my credit card number was definitely stolen and that they were canceling that account and sending me a new account, new card, new card number, etc. I don’t have to do anything, they will take care of everything, they will cancel the charges I did not make and refund those amounts to my account and close and open new accounts for me.

Bam. Just like that.

Weirdly, this is the first time this has ever happened to me. Once, my bank froze my account and called me about fraud prevention because of unusual charges, but that was just a wild weekend. Actually me.

I’ve never been hacked before. I’m a little concerned that it’s not just this one account, but I’ve checked all my other accounts and they all seem fine. No new charges, nothing unusual, no red flags.

Now I’m wondering about this last charge I actually made. It was to an online company that I’ve never used before. I can only think that might be where I got hacked. However, I’ve checked my account and the item I ordered (a new swimsuit, in case you were curious) is on its way. I have tracking data and everything. So I’m thinking it might be just one of those weird things.

And I’ve got a new card on the way and am not on the hook for someone’s new flatscreen.

I guess it’s the little things.


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