Red and Blue

Happy Independence Day to all my Livlife followers. This is going to be brief because I’ve got holiday plans and a lot of not working to do….

I was trying to think about what cute things I could post here to help celebrate. Then I remembered I had to wish Meg a happy birthday. I thought of posting pictures of the adorableness that is her daughter Nora and then realized that I’ve got babies of my own to post! (Cause you obviously wanted to know my exact thought process).

And then I realized…



How’s that for cute and patriotic? Camden – in blue – was four months old and Brecken – in red – was three months when we took these down at my pool. Let me tell you, two little babies in swim clothes? Kayoot.

Of course, they don’t sit up, so there was a lot of slumping going on…



A fair bit of not paying attention/can’t see from under this hat going on…



And a bit of just random chaos.



This is probably the best, because they are both LOOKING and sharing their cuteness with the world.


Between the blue, the red, and the babies, it doesn’t get much more patriotic than that. (Okay, fine, it gets WAY more patriotic than that, but patriotism has never been so cute and that cannot be denied.)

Happy 4th of July!


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