Deja Vu

Remember this? Last year, end of June, I broke my toe. I think. I never officially had it checked, but the photos speak for themselves.

One year later, practically to the day, I’ve got this going on….

Same foot, same toe.

This was a few hours after it happened. Last year, it was stubbed on a cabinet in the bathroom. The cabinet has since been moved. This time? On the toilet, in the same bathroom. Unfortunately, I can’t remove the toilet, so I don’t know what I’m going to do.

The photo above was Saturday, right after it happened.

This photo

Was taken minutes ago. As you can see, still a little swollen and the bruising is spreading, but it’s not nearly as bad as last year.
However, the difference could be in elevation and ice. Last year I was working 80 hours a week with zero down time. I walked on it and worked nonstop. This year, it happened on a weekend and I rested it. Elevation and ice, so that could be why it isn’t as bad.
Who knows?
Either way, it hurts like hell. And it’s a little creepy that this happened exactly the same, two years in a row. If it happens next year, I will probably freak out.
There’s your fun “Livlife is a klutz” story for the day.

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