Books, Books, Books – June Edition


I just realized, this morning, that I never did the June update. Why didn’t anyone say anything?

Probably because I was so late in posting the May version that it snuck up quicker than expected. Or because I’ve been reading like a fiend. Either or.

June found me reading a respectable 10 books, but nothing fabulous. It was a dry time in book world for Livlife, either I couldn’t find a good book or a book I thought would be good….wasn’t. I picked up and returned 11 books to the library this month after starting them and stopping. If they had been good, my count would have gone up.

So, mostly I did re-reads and trashy romance novels. Not a bad way to spend my time.

June (10 books)

1. Once a Princess – Johanna Lindsey*

2. Sweet Talk – Julie Garwood*

3. When He Was Wicked – Julia Quinn*

4. Wicked Deeds on a  Winter’s Night – Kresley Cole*

5. Office Crush – Shalini

6. Poison Princess – Kresley Cole*

7. A SEAL’s Seduction – Tawny Weber

8. The Player – J. R. Ward

9. Ravishing the Heiress – Sherry Thomas

10. No Place to Run – Maya Banks

The only non-romance book on the list is Poison Princess, which is a supernatural teen fiction series. The rest are romance. Recall that the (*) means that I have previously read the book. Five of them. Sigh. It was a bad month for books. Sometimes that happens.

The most disappointing selection was #9 Ravishing the Heiress. I loved Sherry Thomas when she came out, she wrote historical romance, but in a new and refreshing way. I devoured her books. This was a new one of hers and I was excited for it. It was still a new and refreshing way, but it just….failed. It failed on all counts. It always saddens me when authors don’t meet the expectations they’ve set by precedent.

A book I enjoyed? #8 The Player. I read J.R. Ward’s paranormal books and they’re ok. A bit unfocused, which is the main problem I have with her. I like her writing and her stories, but the books tend to wander. This one, a contemporary romance, was fantastic. I was laughing out loud and misting up at the good parts. It was a long time since I enjoyed a romance novel that much. I really needed that.

And finally, my yearly total, at the end of June, was up to 57 books. That makes the pace for the year 114 books. We’ll see how it goes….

Stay tuned in only two weeks for the July update.



Kelly just emailed me about the guesses. There were only three people who guessed, back in January, when I started this nonsense.

Kelly – 159

Mom – 126

Sara – 103

If I keep this pace and end with 114, then Sara would win, being off by only 11 books (that’s like a whole MONTH of books for me!) I am very interested to see how this ends up.

2 thoughts on “Books, Books, Books – June Edition

    • I wouldn’t worry. It’s only July 15 and I’ve already read more books this month than any other. And I have two weeks left to go. And I read the most in the summer/fall. If *I* had guessed, I would have guessed 165. Make you feel better?

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