Five Months Old

My sister just asked me the other day “are you going to make a birthday video for Cam?” When Arionna turned 1, I put together a home movie of each of her monthly photos and a few videos I had, all set to music. My sister isn’t the sentimental type and she’s never mentioned the video since I gave it to her. Then she asks that. I said, “I was planning on it.” And she reported that she was pleased because she loves Arionna’s.


I was surprised.

Luckily, I’ve been diligent about TAKING the photos if not so diligent about posting them. However, since I have a whole SLEW of pics, I thought I’d update with Cam’s 5 month photos.

 He’s so happy, even if he’s crying you can get him to laugh. And crying is so very rare. In fact, I’ve only heard it once.
First time actually swimming. He’s been dipped in a few times, but hanging out for at least 10 minutes? This was it.
Later that same day…
That is me holding Mr. Smiley

Showing off his talent….
Seriously? How can so much cuteness exist in one tiny being?

Our not-so-successful attempt at a portrait, sun was in his eyes…but I kind of love it.
And, of course, the winner.

Not one thing wrong here.
He’s a handsome little devil with a sugary sweet personality. Happy 5 months Cam! (And also, this is my 600th post on this blog. My 500th was his birth, I thought it only fitting….)

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