10:17 am

My phone rang. It was my dad. My dad does not usually call me while I am at work. I grabbed the phone and rushed into the hall. I answered. “Hello?”

“Yeah, I’m just driving down the freeway listening to Gordon Lightfoot and Don Williams in my new truck. I’m driving past your work and I just thought I’d call and say thank you.”

Was what I heard.

Yesterday I went to visit my folks, and to see my dad’s new Explorer, purchased on Saturday. My mom told me how as soon as he bought it, with its CD player, he went up into his room and pulled out a CD called “Dad’s Mix” that I had made for him the LAST time he got a new vehicle. His truck. A decade ago, maybe? (His interim vehicles have not had CD players) I thought it was sweet he saved that CD for all this time. So, before I visited, I made him a new collection. A three volume set of CDs; music I thought he’d enjoy.

He was on his way home from work and listening and just called me to say thanks. I’m pleased that he likes his new music. I’m guessing, based on the length of his drive that he hasn’t even made it all the way through Disc 1 (there and back to work) but I’m pleased that he likes what he’s heard so far. I was even more pleased that he called simply to say thanks.  It quite made my whole day

Then he said “I’m driving by, wave out the window.”

So I did.


2 thoughts on “10:17 am

  1. That is so sweet! I teared up reading this! You are a wonderful, thoughtful daughter 🙂
    Your dad’s a pretty nice guy too…love you both.

    • It was very sweet. I was happy to make him CDs and I was so pleased that he enjoyed them so much. We both love you, too!

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