Kitchen Fairy

Yesterday, when I got home from work, these were on my counter.


If walking in to your house after an extra long day at work and finding a beautiful bouquet of flowers wasn’t enough, that Flower Fairy also decided to team up with the Kitchen Fairy. My entire kitchen had been cleaned, dishes done, counters wiped, wine glasses washed by hand. Pure bliss, let me tell you.

On Saturday, I had a little party for Elena. My kitchen was a disaster. Sunday I went over to my parents house and hung out instead of cleaning. Monday I worked and then came home and ignored the mess in favor of a book (yeah, not as unusual as I’d like to pretend…). That meant, by Tuesday, the mess had grown into epic proportions in my head. It wasn’t actually THAT bad, it just felt like it, to me, because of how long I’d been actively avoiding it.

Also on Monday, my mother’s washing machine broke. Kaput. She noticed on Tuesday when she went to switch the load over to her dryer (which, fyi, broke about a month ago and was just replaced. So if the washer had broken like two weeks sooner, then she could have gotten a new set…saving money, instead of buying individual units, annoying, right?) and it hadn’t completed the cycle.

She called me and asked if she could run to my house to wash the wet clothes. I said it was no problem, but avoid the kitchen, it’s a huge mess. She chuckled at that.

Then, I came home from work, an hour later than usual (that’s a lot when you already work 10 hour days!) and voila! My kitchen was clean and sparkling and there was a beautiful flower arrangement waiting for me.

I was touched at her sweet gesture and thoughtfulness. She says it only took her a few minutes to clean up, and I’m sure it did, because it doesn’t take that long, but what was a little thing to her was an enormous gesture to me. While it would have only taken ME a few minutes to clean my own kitchen, having it just be magically done after I’d been avoiding it? That is a priceless feeling. And the flowers? They are beautiful, and special because people rarely buy me flowers. So rarely I could actually tell you about each instance that it has happened.

Thanks mom, for being a magic fairy for me yesterday and for being the best mom ever…every day. Love you.


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