A Writer’s Journey

Here is something interesting.


Usa Projects is a lot like Kickstarter. If you don’t know what that is….well it’s a website that anyone can use in order to set up fundraising. And then people can donate, or not, to your project. As a matter of fact, the Veronica Mars movie was entirely funded from a Kickstarter project. The creator and cast wanted to make a movie but the studios weren’t buying, so they created a Kickstarter campaign and the fans funded the whole project. Now the movie will be released next year. Cool, right?

Well, the above link is an author who is trying to get enough funding to pay proper homage to the memoir she is writing. Please click on the link and read the details about the project, and watch the video.

Why am I telling you this? Because, I know this author. She is a coworker of mine. I enjoy her writing immensely and her sense of humor and her company. She approached me about this project to ask if I had any feedback or suggestions. She is struggling with getting the word out about her project. It is super personal to her and I think that makes it more difficult than average to ask for help.

I gained her permission to post it here. I’m not asking you to give her money. If you think it is worthwhile, by all means, she would appreciate the donation and it would be most generous of you. However, all I really want is for you to help spread the word. Reblog this post. Link up to this post. Copy the link to your Facebook if you would like. I think this is a worthy project and I know that she is a writer that will truly do her project justice.

If you do nothing else, then at least do this for me. Click the link above and read her story. The rest is up to you.

(I just realized after writing this that the gifts received for donating include being mentioned in the acknowledgments of the book.  Even better than being thanked in a general sense? Being thanked personally. Yeah, sounds pretty cool to me.)


2 thoughts on “A Writer’s Journey

  1. That is really very interesting and I hope she writes it because I want to read it. Think we can convince people to pay me to stay home and make digital scrapbooks? That’s my dream:-)

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