Books, Books, Books – August Edition

August was even busier than July I think. Every moment felt filled with something. Then, it got blisteringly hot. The kind of hot where if you sit outside, even perfectly still, you sweat. The kind of hot where even *I* turn on my air conditioning. It was, believe it or not, too hot to swim. I didn’t want to do anything, it was so bloody hot, but of course I had to do a ton of things.

And somewhere, in the midst of all that, I read. I didn’t quite read up to July’s standard of 26 books, but I think I did okay. Who is ready for the list?

August – 22 books (I know, I’m a brat)

1. Hopeless – Colleen Hoover

2. The Collector: A Dante Walker Novel – Victoria Scott

3. Whisper in the Dark – Maya Banks

4. Echoes at Dawn – Maya Banks

5. Unearthly – Cynthia Hand

6. Hidden Away – Maya Banks

7. The Darkest Hour – Maya Banks

8. Hounded – Kevin Hearne

9. Clan Rathskeller – Kevin Hearne

10. Kaibab Unbound – Kevin Hearne

11. Beach House No. 9 – Christie Ridgway

12. Hexed – Kevin Hearne

13. Hammered – Kevin Hearne

14. A Test of Mettle – Kevin Hearne

15. Tricked – Kevin Hearne

16. Trapped – Kevin Hearne

17. Hotshot – Julie Garwood

18. A Walk in the Park – Jill Mansell

19. Forged in Steele – Maya Banks

20. Obsidian: A Lux Novel – Jennifer L. Armentrout

21. Hunted – Kevin Hearne

22. Two Ravens and One Crow – Kevin Hearne

Gee, notice a pattern? Yeah, Maya Banks and Kevin Hearne kept me in books pretty much the whole month. Maya Banks wrote this series, KGI Novels, that I started back in June. I finally decided to pick up another and I caught the bug. I read through the rest of the series. They aren’t great, but they are easy and light and fun. Like a can of Mountain Dew. (Something else I am not craving but would not mind having….)

Then, oh then, I stumbled across The Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne. I am actually not even sure how I found the first one, but I did. And I loved it. Best book I have read in AGES. LOVED it. As you can see, I read everything else in the series within days. I flew through it and could not put it down. It is smart and funny and has some great history and mythology. Awesome. Kevin Hearne has at least three more scheduled in the series, but now I have to wait like a YEAR for the next one to come out. That is a huge bummer, but I suppose I’ll survive.

I also really enjoyed Obsidian. It’s a more obscure title and I’m working to track down the next one, but it was much better than anticipated.

I loved the book Hopeless. This is a standalone novel and I adored it. Can’t say enough good about it. I’m trying to track down anything else written by Colleen Hoover based on the strength of this book alone.

Disappointments? Hotshot would be the biggest. Julie Garwood has been one of my favorite authors for like 20 years and I was highly anticipating her latest novel. Granted her last few have been rubbish, but this one was particularly bad. So disappointing. And, actually, many of the long awaited next novels this year have been garbage. It worries me because October brings some of my most highly awaited and I really don’t want them to suck. Fingers crossed.

Grand total on the year? 105

Yep, I officially crossed the 100 threshold.  To Sara, who guessed 103, you are officially out. Mom, your 126 isn’t looking great, given the months I have left in the year. Kelly, I’m feeling good about you winning this, even though there is no prize, but I’m liking your chances at 159.

We will see how it goes. Fall tv starts soon, that’s guaranteed to slow me down, I LOVE fall tv.

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