When Arionna was born, Simon was only 3. He was actually a little afraid of her. Didn’t want to hold her or touch her or anything. He was interested, but cautious. Then, as she grew and became interactive, they became fast friends. Still, to this day, they are the best of pals.

Then, along came Camden. With a now SIX year age gap, we feared for any closeness. But no. Simon is obsessed with his baby cousin. He wants to talk to him and snuggle him and make him laugh and hold him and he just wants to be around him. He gets so excited to see him and can’t wait to hold him and is so proud that he can hold him all by himself.

At dinner one night. Simon just held and talked to him for a long time. They both enjoyed it.

That was taken at our family picnic. It the midst of the chaos and the fun, Simon stopped and asked to hold Cam. And that picture just melts me. Cam is so happy and Simon looks so sweet cuddling him up like that.

But then, oh then, there is this.

Really? Simon is sitting on a stone wall, three feet off the ground, legs dangling, and I plopped the-now heavy- baby into his lap and look at them. I think my mom worried for Cam’s safety, but I didn’t. His big cousin will protect him, how could he not, he just loves him so very much.

I find that I am more and more delighted by my nephews these days. They are incredible little boys and oh-so-cute!

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