The Perfect Friday

This past Friday, Friday the 13th, I woke up at the ungodly hour of 8:30 am. That is the time I normally start work during the week and a full hour later than I usually sleep, but about a full hour LESS than I prefer to sleep when I don’t have to work.

Well, there  I was, wide awake just past dawn and with nothing to do. Well, not nothing. I have lists of things I COULD do (laundry, dishes, cook, grocery shop, Target, peel painter’s tape, clean my outlet plates, etc., replace my outlet plates, etc. Clean my patio, cover my AC, sweep out my garage…the list is endless).

But of that huge list, I usually pare it down to the things I NEED to get done. Triage. On Fridays list were grocery and library. But, the library isn’t open that early. And I could have done the grocery, but to run out, then home to put groceries away and then go out again to visit the library….seems wasteful to me.

So I decided to read a book. I know, it’s a surprising choice. I had the second one in a new series. And…three hours later….book over. Now, it’s just shy of noon and would be the PERFECT time to go do my errands.


I chose or. Which meant that I downloaded the third book in that series and read it. By the time THAT book was finished, I was famished. It was 3:00 and I had yet to ingest anything but water. I took a break, cooked, ate food, and then started the fourth in the series. Suddenly that was over. By this point, the library was closed and I was pretty sure the grocery was a lost cause as well, so I gave myself over and started a different book.

Four whole books I read in one day.

That is my idea of perfection. Or heaven. I didn’t go outside, even though I like to read outside, but my couch is more comfortable. I only stopped to pee and refill my water and eat (once). When the day was through and I was headed to bed, I fully expected to have trouble falling asleep because, well, I’d barely moved all day, but, I had exhausted my brain, which is evidently all it takes to fall into a deep and restful sleep.

It was a peaceful, beautiful, glorious fall day and I’m so happy. It’s been far too long since I have had such an indulgent day.

Also, for those of you who tell me you don’t have enough time to read, I have a plan. You should all band together and PAY ME to read for you! I will read whatever you want and then deliver a lovely verbal or written report, Your choice. What do you think? Sounds to me like everybody wins. Heck if you pay me enough, I will follow you around in your life and read a book TO YOU, just saying.


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