Customer Service (aka Jimmy Johns FAIL)

I ordered lunch from Jimmy Johns today. I have little at home and I figured why not? I’ve ordered JJ several times to work. They deliver. It’s been a while since I ordered from them, though. First thing I noticed was that they redesigned the website. And it is less user friendly. Next? The prices went up.

Fine, it is either that or go pick up something. I toyed with Pei Wei, but in the end, my time was limited enough that I ordered JJ. I always order to be delivered at a certain time, because I’m at work. While the when of my lunch is flexible, sometimes, like today, I have meetings and things.

The guy showed up 5 minutes after the designated time. No worries. I signed the slip and took the bag. I always open the bag (really at any fast food) to make sure my order is right. Literally before I was able to open the bag, maybe 4 seconds, the delivery guy was gone.

Of course, I open it up and they sent the wrong chips. Not a huge deal by any means, not even something I would complain about, it’s an inconvenience, not a problem. I checked the sandwich and it was right. Unfortunately, they didn’t send a straw for my drink. That is a problem.  Again, by itself, I probably wouldn’t worry, but now that is two out of three items that are a problem. And I just paid over $15 for this!

So I call the store. I explain to the woman on the phone. She starts repeating my words to someone else while I am still talking. RUDE. Listen to me, then ask me to hold on and THEN explain the issue to someone else.

Finally, I just stopped speaking. I could then hear THEM discussing ME while I was on the phone, not on hold. The 2nd woman said to the woman who answered, “ask what she got.”

I can hear her, so before she could relay the question, I told her.

She repeated my answer. 2nd woman said “well, what did she ORDER”? And it was so snotty, like I might have ordered the wrong thing and they had to verify that I was telling the truth. I mean, even if I did screw up and order incorrectly, which I did not, it would still benefit them to give me good customer service and fix the problem. But instead they are trying to make out like it was my screw up.

So I explained AGAIN what went wrong. Then 2nd woman demanded my order number to CHECK MY STORY. I gave it, even though this is beyond ridiculous. I didn’t even want anything and I wasn’t mad. Stuff happens. I would have liked a straw, but the chips? I didn’t really care. However, now I was being treated like some sort of criminal?

Finally, answering woman said “we’re gonna send out new chips and a straw, hon.” And she hung up.

1. WAIT for a response before hanging up. Otherwise it’s like hanging up on me.

2. Unless you’re actually friendly , “hon” is not acceptable. When you’ve been rude the entire call, it only sounds patronizing.

Then I waited. And waited. Jimmy John’s is know for the speed of their service. I think it is great, unless that speed starts messing with the customer service quality. And that phone call? Not speedy, nor polite. #FAIL

Finally, more than 15 minutes after the PHONE CALL, the same guy shows up. He hands me a bag, stapled shut, and turns to go. I barely registered the bag before he was gone. I certainly didn’t have time to open it. And he didn’t say anything, didn’t apologize. Again, I wasn’t mad…but this poor service was making me mad.

I open the bag and, inside, were the same WRONG CHIPS. They sent me the wrong item….TWICE! Now, after I have called and complained and you sent out a second deliver to fix the problem, wouldn’t you make certain that it was correct? Normally, people would, yes, but as I said, I barely felt as though they were listening so why should I have expected more?

At least they remembered the straw.

I sat here for a moment (by the way, the time I carved out for lunch was gone at this point, so I had to wait until after a meeting before I would even get to eat.) and considered my options. Finally, I decided they needed to know that they screwed up.

I called.

A different woman answered the phone. She was not either of the voices from phone call #1. I start to briefly explain and she went “uh-huh, I have to get my manager”. And didn’t even listen. It’s fine, I will happily speak to the manager, but seriously, how about basic phone manners?

Then the manager gets on the phone. Surprise, surprise, she is the voice of 2nd woman from the first call. The rude one who insisted that there be PROOF that I wasn’t trying to scam Jimmy John’s out of a bag of chips. I repeat the story.

She said, disbelievingly, “so he brought the wrong chips again?”

Um, yeah, that’s exactly what i just got done saying. I affirmed that not only did he bring me the wrong chips twice, he brought the SAME wrong chips, twice.

Then, and really, this might be my favorite part, she said “so you are saying that you have two red bags of chips in front of you, both are red bags?”

Now she’s trying to verify my veracity through color? Because i can’t be trusted to READ THE NAME off the bag of chips? It was so insulting I actually wanted to scream. How dare she? I had been scrupulously polite and courteous during both calls and in my interactions with the delivery guy and I do not deserve to be treated like this.

I said, “I am telling you that you have twice delivered me the same wrong bag of chips.”

She sighed, she actually sighed into the phone and said, “fine I’ll have him bring you a new bag of chips.”

THAT’S your solution? How many chances to you think you get? What you should have done is….apologize. Never, not once, did anyone apologize or take ownership. Instead they blamed, insulted, patronized and degraded someone who is a loyal customer. And I didn’t even want an apology but by that point I felt as if I deserved that at the very least.

Considering the compounding screw ups and the multiple phone calls, at this point she should have offered to comp my lunch or at least offer me a free lunch in the future. That would have been the accepted thing to do.

This time, I told her that I do not want a third bag of chips.  I explained that I am at work and do not have infinite amounts of time to wait for chip delivery.  Then I said, “all I really wanted was to point out the error and let you know that a lot of this could be avoided if the delivery person would just slow for a moment and allow me to check the order before leaving.”

She said, “ok, I’ll tell him to slow down.” And she hung up.

Summarily dismissed. That’s how I felt. If I weren’t so busy I would have actually taken my sandwich, etc. back and gotten my money back. That is how mad I was.  Instead, I griped to a few nearby students and shut up and wolfed down my sandwich in the time I had remaining.

Yeah, I know this is an extremely long story (it’s taken me two days and three computers to write!) but I wanted to put it down. I love Jimmy John’s I’m a huge fan. And have been basically since Joe Watson gave me a free sandwich nine years ago. Jimmy John’s has never done me wrong. I keep seeing this trend of poor customer service and I wanted to stop. Stop and say, “Jimmy John’s you need to step up.” Speed is great, but not at the expense of service. And, most importantly, you need to remember that customers are not an annoyance or something to put up with or suffer through. They are the reason you have a job. Without customers, the franchise would cease to exist.

Kindness, courtesy, simplicity, authenticity. Customer service is not that hard.

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