Customer Service (aka Target FTW!)

Ready for the flip side?

I don’t want to be a complainer, so I figure if I was going to write the Jimmy John’s story, I had to write something complimentary as a counterpoint.

About two weeks ago, I was desperately in need of some staples. Both product and grocery. Since I basically despise this sort of necessary shopping, I decided to do it at Target and save myself some grief. I made a list, I clipped the coupons, I was set. I went after work and it was busy. BUSY. The WB Target is pretty much always busy, but evidently all Target-goers shop after work, instead of on weekends.

At any rate, I started in the Halloween store, because I needed a couple tiny accessories for Arionna’s costume. I was muddling through the mess that is Halloween accoutrements when a nice employee approached, with a smile, and said “is there anything I can help you find?”

Now, I’m not an idiot, I can probably find it on my own, but heck, I have a lot to buy and don’t want to be here all night, so I figure I could save the time and let her help. It worked. I thanked her and she left with a final smile.

I am pretty sure everyone who is reading this has been to Target. I have to ask, when is the last time this happened to you in Target? Me, I am pretty sure never. Employees do not offer help in Target. I have generally found that if I do need help, they are nowhere to be found and if you do ask, they are begrudging at best. I’ve actually gone on rants about disliking Target’s service levels. I think they take advantage of their virtual corner on the market and disregard their customers.

But then…

So I continued to shop. I was in the kitchen area looking for….I forget, honestly, but it was a weird thing I don’t normally buy. Like magic, a young man in red and khaki came around the corner and asked if there was anything he could help me find. I told him and bam! I was off to the next item on my list.

I needed kitchen hand soap. I could not find it. I went up and down aisles looking for it (because how hard can it be?) and suddenly an older man approached in his Target uniform “you look like you’re looking for something” he said with a warm smile “can I help?” I asked and he led me right to it. By the body wash, for the curious, which makes no sense at all.

During the maybe 90 minutes I was shopping that store, I was approached SIX different times and offered help. Can you believe that? I don’t think it has ever happened ONCE, and suddenly it was all that was happening. I honestly was amazed. I can often get annoyed by sales people in stores, they come across as pushy because they are trying to sell me something, but this was different. They came across as helpful and friendly, and, face it, I actually needed help.

I don’t know if Target corporation is making changes or if it is just the management of my local store, but this was the most I’ve ever loved Target.  Then, when I went to check out, I was the annoying woman with a full cart using the self checkout. I love self checkouts, use them everywhere. My grocery store has made them express stations, so I don’t often get the chance to do it, but Target has not. Until they do, yeah, I’m gonna be that person. At any rate, of course after ringing up my huge cart, I had a ginormous pile of coupons.

I started scanning them and they didn’t work. Not all of them. The girl working that area came over and helped. When I needed help again (HUGE pile of coupons) she popped over. The third time, she smiled at me and said “you know, so you don’t have to wait, I’m just going to stand over here, instead of at the podium, so I’ll be on hand if you need me.”

I mean, come on, the service was practically over the top at that point. But, true enough, she stood by my side and keyed in her code probably 10 different times in order to allow me to use my coupons. (Side note, I save THIRTY FIVE DOLLARS in straight coupons that day!)

I left that Target happy, content, and encouraged to go back, which is exactly what good customer service does. I never thought Target would make this list, but they deserve kudos for their increase in service.

I’m headed back tonight to pick up a few things, I’ll let you know how it goes!

2 thoughts on “Customer Service (aka Target FTW!)

  1. When I read this (a week ago) I kept nodding my head. Obviously they are doing a customer service – How can I help you? thingamajig. They are doing well, if you ask me.

    • Yep, something must have changed for them because it is noticeably different. I like it. It’s weird because you go to Target so often and yet I always feel like there is something I can’t find every time I go there. I wish the grocery store would do that. Sometimes I just don’t buy the thing I can’t find. Or else I call my mom. She knows where EVERYTHING is in the grocery store. Even my grocery store, and she’s never even been there.

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