iPad Problem

Well, if you read the marathon post that was Sunday, you know that I broke my iPad. Broken. Smashed. Kaputsky.

I spent Monday trying to figure out what to do. I learned that my employer will not lift a finger to help me, even though it is mandatory for my job. I learned that it is under a 1-year limited warranty. And I learned that accidental damage is not covered under any warranty.

Then I learned that Apple does not FIX iPads. Instead, they replace them for a refurbished model, for half the cost of a new one. That’s right, $300 to repair/replace this. That is one expensive spastic moment I had.

Of course, research is what I do and I was wholly unwilling to accept that as a solution. This was a free iPad, and I didn’t want to basically pay for it, so I needed to find something affordable. I found that there are several businesses who will replace the glass on the machine, at a discounted cost. I spent too much time researching this, because the quality of the glass is important, as is the technician and any warranty thereafter, plus, there is no local place that will do this, so I have to ship them my iPad…so it needs to be a reputable business.

After an exhaustive search, (you can now assume I know more about this than anyone you’ve met) I decided to go with a company based in Florida, iHeart Repair. I had to pay to ship it TO them ($15), they pay to ship it back, which seemed fair, plus the cost of parts and labor, $130, so I’m getting out from under this for HALF the cost that Apple was asking and I get to keep my actual iPad. Or, if you will, slightly less than the cost of a tow truck.

Obviously, packing my machine to ship is nerve wracking. There are a lot of things that can go wrong in the shipping process. Then I wasn’t sure I packed it well enough. Of course, assuming it arrives in Florida, I have to trust that these people will fix it in a quality manner and return it to me. I’ve already paid for the service….it all makes me nervous. But I believe that my research will pay off and I’ll be rewarded. I shipped it yesterday, so I will let you know how long it takes to get back.

Before sending it, I took a picture of it from every conceivable angle, to document it is my machine and what exactly was wrong with it. A few of them turned out better than the previous pic of the damage, so you can see what is wrong with it.

That is probably the best picture I have of the shattered screen. By the way, do you see on the not broken parts how it looks like it might be dusty? Yeah, that’s all glass. Teeny, tiny particles of glass that are EVERYWHERE. My case is covered with them, regardless of how many times I wipe it off. But the worst? My skin, I have been digging out microscopic pieces of glass all week.
Actually, I take it back, I think this one shows the damage even better.

Yeah, I effed it up pretty good. Now if you could all just cross your fingers that I get it back, whole and healed, without any further hassle…

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