If I Only Had a Brain

Happy Halloween!

“I could while away the hours, conferring with the flowers, consulting with the rain. And my head I’d be scratching while my thoughts were busy hatching if I only had a brain. I’d unravel every riddle, for every individdle, in trouble or in pain. With the thoughts I’d be thinkin’ I could be another Lincoln if I only had a brain.

Oh I, could tell you why, the ocean’s near the shore, and then I’d sit and think some more.

I’d not be just a nuffin, my head all full of stuffin’ my heart all full of pain. I could dance and be merry I could be a dingaderry if I only had a brain!”

And, yes, for those who were wondering, I do know all the lyrics to the song and did not have to look them up, and yes, I DO sing the song while wearing this costume!photo


That’s me, at work (closest thing I could find to a corn stalk!). And of course, the incredible Ray Bolger as the Scarecrow, in the movie.

And here’s a lovely picture of my sign in the library.

 I made this costume back in 2003, a decade ago. Which is also the last time I wore it. We had a costume contest at work that year (at Awada’s) and the whole staff dressed up. I won! Supposedly we’re having a costume contest here, today, we’ll see how it goes. I’m surprised and happy that it still fits, though I apparently forgot how uncomfortable it is! (Straw is itchy and poky…)

More photos to come from trick-or-treating tonight, but for now, have a safe and fun Halloween. Even if you have to be at work all day.

L-where’s my picture?!?

Happy Halloween!

2 thoughts on “If I Only Had a Brain

    • That’s funny! It’s not. It’s actually in a tight ponytail, hanging down my back, then I tucked the ponytail inside my shirt and put the burlap collar over it to hide the lump. That hat was so tight there was no WAY I was getting my hair hidden in there!

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