Halloween 2013

That rhymes.

Anyway, I just wanted to get this up before, you know, Thanksgiving is here. I finally uploaded the photos. Mostly just pictures….

 Our whole crew. Obviously we had a theme going…based on what Arionna chose for her costume.

My sister’s cute family. For those wondering, Chad was the wizard. No, I don’t understand the creepy mask either.

The witch was really going after that dog….

Little man from the Lollipop guild. The lollipop was actually too heavy for him to hold….but he looked so cute.

Warm in his stroller, but still holding his GIANT bucket.

My favorite picture of my little witch.

Okay, maybe THAT is my favorite picture.

Though that one is pretty cute, too!

Okay, maybe THAT’s my favorite (even though the camera was foggy from coming in from outside!)
We didn’t take a ton of pictures, but the ones we did take were pretty cute. It was a fun Halloween and a good way to cap off October. November has so far kicked my a$$…so this feels nostalgic at this point.

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