Need an Abacus?

Two students just came in to see me. They had hunted down our math instructor to ask him where they could find an abacus to use. They have a project and need to demonstrate how to use an abacus, but didn’t know where to get one. He said, “Who would know that? Go ask Olivia.”

The students told me this and said, “it sounded like he was trying to stump you.”

I asked, “well, do you need a physical abacus?”

And within a 10 second Google search, I had found them this site.

It’s an online, real, working abacus. They can now embed that site into the powerpoint they are creating, enhancing the presentation and still demonstrating how the abacus works.

They were effusive in their praise. I said only this, “please walk past the math instructor again and let him know that I am the greatest and never let my students down.”

They both laughed and agreed that even when it comes to problems related to math, I’m still the best resource.

And now I know you can use an abacus for free online. I’ve always wanted to learn to use one. Maybe I should attend the presentation….


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