Hallway Design

As you walk into my house, you are in the main entry hall. This was a very blah space that I have hated from day one. It’s a tiny, dark hallway with zero natural light, unless you leave the front door open, which I hate to do, because you can’t see it from upstairs, so it makes me feel unsafe.

When I moved, my mom gave me a hope chest that used to belong to Kelly. I didn’t want it, but my mom said I could use it as a bench/storage in my entry, and since I had nothing else, I took it. But I never liked it. And with white walls, poor lighting and furniture I did not care for, this was my least favorite room in the house (except for maybe the laundry room…but that could be for different reasons!)

This is the entry hall on day one of painting. This is about 11am, the best light I get in there all day and you can see how dark it STILL is.

Just plain walls, completely unassuming.

I like my rooms to assume.

Have you seen my living room? My kitchen? My bedroom? My bathroom?I like bold color and a cohesive design. My house is vibrant and colorful and very much me. But this space, the first thing you see when you walk in the door is not at all who I am. I’ve wanted this space done since the very beginning. When I first started planning, this room was going to be two shades of blue, a light sky blue and a deep cerulean. That was the plan. But as the years passed, it changed, I didn’t love it, it didn’t feel right.

Back in Februrary, I got paint samples in these colors (because all the decor I bought was around that color scheme) and hung them on the wall. People would come over and vote on their favorites. And I hated it. It wasn’t me and it wasn’t right. I knew it.

I needed inspiration and a new idea. Then out of the blue, I saw this photograph.

flat paint for the walls, the same color in high gloss to do the art. photocopy a swirly pattern onto a transparency and, using an overhead projector, blast the image up onto the wall and trace it with a pencil! use a pencil that's close in color to the wall paint.

I don’t even remember anymore where I saw it. But that teal and green combo were exactly what I was looking for. I began hunting for those two samples. Pretty soon, the blues were gone and these had taken their places. I had clear favorites…but what surprised me is that when I got the samples, I found a deep fuschia color that called to me. I decided to trust that instinct and I am so glad that I did.

I worked out a detailed plan that incorporated all three colors (teal, green, fuschia) into that tiny hallway. My mother and I started painting this summer (let’s face it, she did the bulk of the work on this) and finally finished a few weeks before Thanksgiving. It’s tough. There was much taping and retaping and color changing. Since I used such vivid colors, we had to do as many as four coats in some places. However, the hallway is finally done.

You saw the plain view, above. Here is that same view (with the door closed, as it was December!) finished:

Pretty different, yes? No, you can’t see the teal in these, but you can see the cute table/lamp…..
Here’s the view from down the stairs:

Here is that same space now:
There’s the teal! It looks way darker in this photo than it does in person.
Here is the space to the left of the door, as you walk in. The hope chest used to sit here:

Here is that space now:
By the way, it was that chair that pushed me in this direction. I had seen the green/teal kitchen pictured above and loved it, but I still wanted that hope chest gone and something more welcoming in its place. Then, I found this chair at Home Goods. It was the exact shade of green I wanted and I fell in love. I bought the chair before I even had the paint picked out. And it all worked out so very well.
This is looking as you would when you enter the house (front door at your back):

Complete with my lovely mom, beginning to paint!
Here is that same view now:

Yes, I should have cleaned out the painting supplies before taking this, but I was just so excited!!!
And that’s it, my fully completed hallway. Yeah, it’s a tough space to photograph, it’s WAY too dark (did you catch how ALL the pictures are grainy?), but I’m so happy with how vibrant it looks. Now I finally feel that when you walk into my home, you feel my presence immediately when you enter, and you know what to expect!
If you know me, please drop by to see it, I promise, it’s way nicer looking in person.
Now I only have the family room left for record…let’s hope I get to that in 2014!
(P.S. Mindy, did you notice that I finally hung up the decorative plates you bought me for my birthday THREE years ago? I’ve been waiting for the perfect spot and this is definitely it)

2 thoughts on “Hallway Design

    • Thank you! I love it, too. It makes me smile when I walk in the door. And you’re right, it’s very me. Which is a good thing, now I feel like my whole house makes more sense!

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