Bedroom Change

Remember what my bedroom has looked like since the day I moved in to my house, over three years ago?

Turns out you don’t have to remember, that’s what photographs are for. This is the bedroom. I’ve made gradual changes over the years (headboard, matching end tables, wall art) until my bedroom is finally finished, complete with new bedding.

Today, my bedroom looks like this.

Here’s a shot from the side so you can see the beautiful matching valance my Aunt Judy (MFA!) made for me.

It’s nice to start the new year with home improvement projects completed. (Hallway is done, too!)

2 thoughts on “Bedroom Change

    • Thank you! Honestly, of all the colors in my house (and there are a LOT of colors in my house) that one has ended up as my favorite. I wasn’t too sure about it when I picked it, but I love it. My room is so soothing and welcoming and relaxing…plus it’s pretty!

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