Books, Books, Books – December Edition

Here we go, folks, the final installment of my reading list for the 2013 year. Even if I’m boring you people to tears with this business, I’ve really enjoyed it, so I’ve decided to keep this around for 2014.

December: (6 books)

1. Unteachable – Leah Raeder

2. Shadow Music – Julie Garwood*

3. Home Again – Kristin Hannah*

4. Losing Hope – Colleen Hoover

5. Sentinel – Jennifer L. Armentrout

6. Striking Distance – Pamela Clare

And that’s it. Only 6! Yeah, I was surprised, too. Somehow, this year was busier than normal. Plus, I blame my couch. Yes, my couch, it was under construction for most of the month of December, and that is where I read. Of course, I can read other places, but turns out, not having my couch makes a difference.

Let’s see, Sentinel was the final book in a very good series. And it ended well, so I was very happy with it overall. Home Again is one of my favorite books, I tend to read it at Christmas. Loved it. Again. Losing Hope was one of the biggest disappointments of the year. It was a sequel to one of the best books I read this year, Hopeless. This was told from the guy’s perspective, whereas Hopeless was from the girl. I was so excited for this book until I realized that it was the EXACT SAME BOOK. Literally, there was nothing new. I mean, nothing. I was so bored. It was terrible. I can’t believe they even published that crap. And Unteachable was one of the more surprising books I read this year. I blind picked it out and didn’t know anything about it. It was….very different. So different from what I read that I don’t even really know if I liked it. But it stands out, so that’s something.

That’s all she wrote. Wondering about the final total? Well, you’ll just have to wait. I have a recap of the year coming….very very soon.

Thanks for reading with me this year. I hope you stick around next year, too!

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